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Types of Fluval Filters

Types of Fluval Filters

Fluval has provided reliable, efficient and easy-to-use canister filters since the introduction of the first canister filters in 1982. Fluval creates three types of filters: clip-on, external and internal.

Clip-On Fluval Filters

The Fluval Power Filter clips on to the tank and provides five-stage filtration. During the first stage, the power filter provides maximum surface area coverage. Next is a two-stage mechanical filtration process using poly/foam to trap both large and fine debris. The final two stages use a Bio-Screen pad designed to encourage friendly bacteria to colonize while blocking debris from entering a trickle chamber. This chamber has super-charged C-Nodes that perform quick nitrification.
If you have delicate fish or plants, the water flow can be slowed to create a gentle flow. In fact, this slow flow increases the amount of time the water spends in the filter so that it’s even cleaner.

External Fluval Filters

Fluval’s newest external filter is the Fluval 06 Series line of filters. In addition to improved filtration, these filters also offer quick setup and quiet operation, so you can enjoy your aquarium without the buzz of a filter disrupting your thoughts.
These Fluval filters have Fluval’s patented Aqua-Stop Valve, making it easy to disconnect the hose and single-motion life-lock clamps to make cleaning and maintenance easier; they also come with removable filter baskets that are already filled with what you need to start filtering your water.
The Fluval filter’s hydraulic motor is designed to offer reduced maintenance frequency while increasing flow rates and head pressure. It features an efficient priming system for a quick and easy filter start.
Fluval external filters have a unique shape that offers many benefits. For example, the 406 External Canister Filter’s square shape enables it to hold 35-50% more water than similarly-sized round filters. The shape also allows for superior water flow that creates maximum contact with the filter media for increased mechanical, chemical and biological filtration. Its sound-dampening impeller design helps it stay quiet while the impeller’s cover is designed for durability.
It offers quiet and powerful filtration for both saltwater and freshwater tanks.

Internal Fluval Filters

The Underwater U4 Filter is a perfect example of the innovation you can expect from internal Fluval filters. It offers three-stage filtration and is versatile enough for freshwater, saltwater and reptile environments.
The first stage of filtration is removing large particles with foam. Stage two has a poly/carbon cartridge that traps smaller debris and removes water impurities while improving your water clarity. During stage three, BIOMAX performs optimal and efficient biological filtration.
The flip-top allows for easy maintenance and, with an adjustable three-way flow, there’s flexibility for output. This means that you can position the flow to suit your needs. The Top Output setting gives you maximum circulation and oxygenation, the Integrated Spray Bar lets you set up for a gentle, even flow suited for aquariums with live plants, and the Bottom Output is perfect for deepwater agitation.
This filter is suitable for a 34-65 U.S. gallon but there are other models available for smaller and larger tank sizes.
With so many different types of filters available, there is a Fluval filter that is perfect for your aquarium.